Gel Nail Treatments

CND SHELLAC is a market leading system that delivers 14+ days of high performance wear and crystal shine with zero dry time and no nail damage. Going on like  polish, wears like gel and removes in minutes. The perfect system for ladies who like to change up their colour regularly and who have beautiful natural nails. 

Shellac Manicure £28.00

Shellac French Manicure £30.00

Shellac Remove & Reapply £30.00

Shellac Soak off & Tidy up £8.00

LIGHT ELEGANCE JIMMY GEL is an ultra-versatile soak off building gel in a bottle that can perform a beautiful strong manicure. Ideal for clients who need a little extra strength and longer 21+ days wear. Choose one of LE's gorgeous shades of colour gels, buttercream or glitter gels to finish. 

Jimmy Gel Manicure £35.00

Jimmy Gel Rebalance & Reapply £35.00 

Jimmy Gel Soak off & Tidy up £12.00

THE GEL BOTTLE, BIAB  is a soak off builder gel in a bottle, ideal for creating strong overlays or used as a strengthening barrier on the natural nail. No chipping or lifting which can help clients who struggle to grow their own nails. Finished using one of The Gel bottle's gorgeous shades. 

BIAB Manicure £35.00

BIAB Rebalance & Reapply £35.00

BIAB Soak off & Tidy up £12.00