Gel Enhancements & Overlays

Using only the best in the business, Rosie uses hard gel products that are hypoallergenic, cruelty free, vegan and gluten free. This line of Hard Gel comes in 6 different viscosities which is ideal to suit every client need from thin brittle nails that need more strength and flexibility, to hard long nails that require a high shine and long lasting wear. With or without a colour to finish, these gels come in different shades of pink, clear and natural to suit all clients skin tones for a more natural nail. 

Hard Gel Overlay - Including a choice of colour £40

Hard Gel Enhancements (TIPS) - including a choice of colour £45.00

Hard Gel Rebalance - Advised at 3-4 weeks with a new colour £40.00

Hard Gel Removal & Tidy Up £15.00